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We are experienced in providing specialist corporate financial advice to a wide range of businesses. Whether you’re a sole trader, business entity or company director we can help you on all aspects of financial planning that will provide long term benefit to you and your company. We understand that no two businesses are run in the same way so we offer a fully bespoke service depending on your goals and financial priorities.

Corporate Services

Director Pensions (SIPPS / SSAS) - Corporate Services

Director Pensions (SIPPS / SSAS)

Company Directors are always looking for new ideas of drawing profits from their companies as tax efficiently as possible. Company pension contributions into a SIPP / SSAS not only enhances your provisions for retirement but are also treated as a business expenses for reducing tax liabilty. We also offer assistance transferring business premises into your pension to provide additional tax savings.

Corporate Investment Management - Corporate Services

Corporate Investment Management

Any business accumulating large cash reserves on its balance sheet should ensure that these funds are working as hard as possible. We can help you obtain a healthier return on any business funds that aren’t required in the short term.

Workplace Pension Schemes - Corporate Services

Workplace Pension Schemes

With the law on workplace pensions having changed, we can offer expert advice and support to ensure that you’re fulfilling your duties as an employer. Even if you have a scheme in place, you may want us to check it meets the minimum legal requirements.

Employee Benefits - Corporate Services

Employee Benefits

Providing Employee benefits within your company can motivate and retain good staff. As well as offering many cost savings to both employers and employees. These include NIC savings where salary sacrifice is used to fund any non-cash benefits covered in the scheme such as sick pay, cycle to work and childcare vouchers.

Shareholder & Key Person Protection - Corporate Services

Shareholder & Key Person Protection

Typically a business would struggle to trade if there was a loss to senior member of staff or major shareholder. Business protection helps safeguard the business to ensure it can continue to operate in the event of the death or serious illness of a shareholder, partner or key employee.

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